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DOT numbers on tyres

Important with regard to age and quality

Worn down tread is not the only reason to replace tyres. The age of the tyre also plays a role, as over time, the rubber compound becomes brittle and optimal drive behaviour is then no longer guaranteed. The DOT number is the most important indicator of tyre age and should be taken into account just as much when using your old tyres as when purchasing new tyres.

How exactly can you tell the age of car tyres?

The DOT number is a four-digit number, which can be found on the side of any tyre. The number indicates the calendar week and the year in which the tyre was manufactured. For example, the number combination "2322" means that the tyre was produced in the 23rd calendar week of 2022. This tyre manufacturing data allows you to easily determine how old a tyre really is.

DOT numbers on tyres

How can you read the DOT number?

The DOT number, together with the degree of wear of the tyre, is an important indication as to when you should replace your tyres. For example, over the years a tyre may not be driven on regularly, but may have been exposed to direct sunlight for several months, and will therefore have become brittle. With normal tyre use, without extreme external conditions, modern tyres have a lifespan of five to six years. In addition to a look at the tread, you should therefore also take the age of the tyre into account, with a glance at the DOT number.

When purchasing tyres, always check the DOT number

Regardless of whether you want to buy used tyres or invest in high-quality new tyres - always check the age of the tyre using the DOT number. It is more than possible that new tyres have never been driven on, but have nonetheless been left lying in storage by your tyre retailer for a number of years. A personal tyre test prior to purchase is therefore essential.

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