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Products around the motorcycle

Motorcycle tyres

Motorcycle tyres have a significant influence on the safety and performance of a motorcycle. That is why the choice of tyres is of crucial importance. Of course, parameters such as tyre type and intended use are also important for tyre selection. While a rider on a mountain tour, for example, will attach great importance to the cornering stability of their motorcycle tyres, the best possible grip is more important on an off-road excursion.

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Oils & fluids

We offer a wide range of engine oils from Castrol, Liqui Moly, Mannol, Mobil, Motul, Shell and Total to suit every motorcycle. The requirements for the engine oil are specified by the manufacturers specifically for each model. The required classification and specification of the engine oil can be found in the operating instructions of your vehicle.

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Motorcycle tubes

Just like tyres, tubes also age and become porous over the years. Therefore, motorcycle tubes should also be replaced regularly for safety reasons. The easiest way to do this is together with the tyre change. We carry a wide range of tubes from various manufacturers.

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Motorcycle tapes

Rim tapes sit between the rim and the tube and protect the tube from damage caused by spoke ends or burrs. We offer you an extensive selection of rim tapes in all common sizes at great prices.

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