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Tyre tests

Would you like to buy new tyres? Then take a look at the results of the latest tyre tests, because the performance of a tyre on dry and wet surfaces as well as on snow and ice can only be determined by thorough testing. Here you have access to all tyre tests from renowned sources such as ADAC, Auto BILD, auto motor und sport and Auto Zeitung.

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All tyres in Germany and Europe have to meet strict quality requirements. Nevertheless, there are differences between the properties of tyres from dozens of manufacturers, which are regularly compared in tyre tests. In the following, you will learn how a tyre test works and how you can arrive at your personal test winner with your individual driving preferences.

What does tyre test mean anyway?

A tyre test involves checking various properties such as material, running characteristics, wear and more. Renowned testing organisations carry out these tests and always apply the same independent criteria. Here, certain framework conditions are defined in advance, which lead to different types of tests. The criteria for tyre tests are adapted to the type of tyre; after all, winter tyres have to fulfil different quality characteristics than summer tyres.

Which organisations carry out tyre tests?

In Germany, the tyre tests of renowned testing organisations and automobile clubs such as ADAC or GTÜ are well established. In many cases, a test report on specific tyres is presented annually or at regular intervals. German-language car magazines also conduct regular tests.

How is each tyre tested?

In principle, every tyre test is based on test criteria that can be roughly compared with each other. This applies to handling on dry or wet roads, driving comfort, running noise on asphalt, fuel consumption and general wear and tear. Depending on the type of tyre, these criteria are weighted differently. For example, winter tyres should meet significantly higher standards for driving on wet roads than summer tyres. However, all tyres must meet a minimum quality standard to avoid a "poor" rating.

Latest tyre tests at reifen.com

For the latest tests to help you find specific types of tyres, it's worth taking a look at our reifen.com offering. In addition to selling tyres, we offer regular insights into current tests and reports to help you find your individual favourite when buying your next tyre.

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