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Information about waste oil disposal

According to § 8 paragraph 1 a Waste Oil Regulation, we are obliged to take back waste engine oils or gear oils (“waste oil”) for free up to the amount of the fresh oil bought at our place according to your invoice. We hereby inform you that we can take random samples when we take back the waste oil, as only single-origin waste oil can be used for the recycling but not waste oil that is contaminated though admixture with other liquids such as cooling liquids or similar. Contaminated waste oil needs to be disposed as hazardous waste. Therefore absolutely pay attention not to mix waste oil with other waste. The return of the waste combustion engine oils or gear oils (waste oil) is free up to the amount of the fresh oil bought at our place at the following place:

Handelsstr. 7
27374 Visselhövede

Opening hours:
Mon. to Fri. 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Sat. closed

Our service:
On the Shipping Costs page you can see the bundled item price for the environmental packaging and the return label. You only incur costs for the environmental packaging and the return label. The number of litres of waste oil to be disposed is free of charge for you.

You announce a waste oil disposal under the email address altoelentsorgung@reifen.com by giving your order number. Please note that a disposal of products purchased via our online shop is currently not possibly via our branches. In this case we arrange the delivery of an environmental packaging in which you pack the canister with the waste oil in such a way that any leakage of the waste oil can be ruled out. Further you receive a return label from us for the proper return of the goods packaged by you. You then put the environmental packaging into a cardboard box and stick the return label on it.

Optionally, you have the possibility to take your waste oil to public waste oil collection points that are usually provided for by municipalities/communities (e.g. at recycling centres) for the professional disposal under the conditions applicable there at any time. This note also applies analogously to oil-containing waste that regularly arises during oil changes.

Please keep in mind that waste oil cannot be brought to our branches or the plants of our fitting partners when new oil is purchased via our online shop.

Please note the special transport conditions for waste oil. It is mandatory to observe the regulations applicable to the return/disposal of waste oil and to handle them according to the procedure described.

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