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Overview of brand tyres

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We stock a wide range of manufacturers both generally and for tyres. We have grouped the manufacturers for you to make searching and selecting tyres easier.

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Apollo Tyres is an Indian tyre manufacturer established in 1972. Since then, the company has grown steadily and today has eight modern tyre manufacturing plants in Asia, Europe and Africa. Through the acquisition of Dutch tyre specialist Vredestein, Apollo Tyres further expanded its market position in Europe and also gained valuable expertise. Today, Apollo tyres are available in over 100 countries and on six continents.

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Apollo tyres

The Czech tyre brand Barum is known for quality and excellent value for money. Founded in 1945, the manufacturer has been part of Continental AG since 1993 and manufactures summer and winter tyres for passenger cars and various commercial vehicles. The high quality of Barum tyres is regularly reviewed and approved by independent magazines.

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Barum tyres

BFGoodrich tyres are the ideal choice to balance performance and comfort. The American manufacturer has been in business for over a hundred years and makes tyres for both racing and road use. BFGoodrich has enjoyed considerable success in the off-road sector in particular. A total of 200 racing victories have already been secured with BFGoodrich tyres.

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BFGoodrich tyres

The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company was founded in 1926 in the US state of Ohio. Since then, the company has become one of the leading tyre manufacturers through consistent growth and the acquisition of competitors Avon Tyres (1997) and Mickey Thompson (2003). To date, the group has produced more than 430 million tyres.

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Cooper Tires

The Japanese tyre manufacturer Falken has been producing tyres since 1983. The name was chosen from numerous employee suggestions. The falcon symbolises the qualities of Falken tyres. They are well known for their precision and speed. Falken tyres are designed to be aggressive and high performance.

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Falken tyres

The Firestone company is considered a pioneer in the mass production of tyres. Since 1988, the company was rebranded as Bridgestone Firestone, LLC, and now belongs to the Japanese Bridgestone Tire Company group.

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Firestone tyres

Tyre manufacturer Fulda is named after its birthplace, the city of Fulda. Since then, the company has gained recognition throughout Germany and beyond, with Fulda tyres used worldwide for many years. The company is driven by innovation. Features such as fuel savings or superior braking performance continue to earn Fulda tyres accolades from the trade press and recognised testers.

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Fulda tyres

Hankook tyres are known for their ongoing optimisation of all the key features. This is because the South Korean company has focused on research and development from the very beginning. Founded in 1941, the company is now an international brand and has had production facilities throughout Europe for the past 16 years. Hankook tyres are recognised worldwide for their high quality. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the tyre manufacturer.

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Hankook tyres

The Kenda Rubber Industrial Company was founded in 1962 and manufactures pneumatic tyres in Taiwan, with production sites in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. kenda manufactures tyres for cars, trailers, motorcycles, bicycles, wheelchairs, and industrial plants.

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KLEBER tyres are produced by the French tyre manufacturer of the same name. The company has now been in business for around 100 years. The French company also launched the first tubeless tyre in 1951, revolutionising tyre manufacturing. Not content to rest on its laurels, the company is constantly researching new ways to improve its products. Last but not least, KLEBER tyres are synonymous with high quality. KLEBER tyres are particularly well-known for their reliability.

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KLEBER tires

Kumho Tyre is a tyre manufacturer founded in Seoul, South Korea, in 1960. With over 60 million tyres sold and an annual turnover in excess of two billion euros, Kumho is one of the world's leading tyre manufacturers. More than 10,000 employees design, manufacture and sell Kumho tyres for cars, vans and trucks. As a global player, Kumho has production facilities in Korea, Vietnam, China and the USA, and also operates research and development centres in Korea, China, Europe and North America.

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Kumho Tyre

Nexen Tire is a South Korean tyre manufacturer founded in 1942 as Heung-A Rubber Industry. In 1956, the company produced the first car tyre in Korea. The current company name - which is based on a contraction of the words "Next" and "Century" is intended to symbolise its forward-looking approach and has been used by the tyre specialist since 2000.

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Nexen Tire

Nokian Tyres - which trades under the name Nokian Renkaat Oyj in its Finnish homeland - is one of the most successful tyre manufacturers in Northern Europe. The company is based in the city of Nokia and produces tyres not only for passenger cars but also for commercial vehicles, vans and forestry equipment. It is considered a specialist in products that are able to withstand the harsh Scandinavian weather conditions.

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Nokian Tyres

The Sava tyre story dates back to 1921, when four businessmen started a rubber factory in the north-west of Slovenia. In 1948, the company was given the name Sava and has sold tyres under this brand name ever since. In 1997, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company acquired a stake in Sava and took over the Slovenian tyre manufacturer completely seven years later. Today, Sava produces tyres using Goodyear expertise.

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Sava tyres

For more than 111 years, Semperit has stood for high performance. You can trust in their quality - all year round, in any region, in the most difficult of situations, and in the most adverse of conditions. For the term Semperit is derived from the Latin phrase "semper it", which more or less means "it always goes".

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Semperit tyres

Toyo is a Japanese tyre manufacturer. The company has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1945, today selling and manufacturing its tyres in over 100 countries worldwide. This makes it one of the top tyre manufacturers in the world. Toyo focuses on economy products that still offer a high level of safety. The company is also known for its reliable and long-lasting tyres.

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Toyo Reifen

Tyre manufacturer Uniroyal originally produced tyres under the name Englebert. It was only after it merged with American company Uniroyal in 1958 that the name Englebert-Uniroyal came into being. The tyre manufacturer joined Continental AG as a subsidiary in 1979, bringing the company's history up to date. The trademark of Uniroyal tyres is their excellent performance in the wet, in winter and summer alike.

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Uniroyal tyres

Vredestein is a Dutch tyre manufacturer that has been producing high-quality tyres for decades. Although the company was already producing rubber in 1908, it didn't take on its current form until 1946. Key features of Vredestein tyres include their innovative design, safety and functionality. The manufacturer's good cost/performance ratio is also reflected in our range.

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Vredestein Tyres

Yokohama has been manufacturing tyres since the Japanese company was founded in 1917. In addition to its main headquarters in Tokyo, the tyre manufacturer has additional production facilities in the USA, which were established after the company expanded into the American market. Today, the manufacturer is one of the largest tyre companies in the world.

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Yokohama tyres

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