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reifen.com - the experts

reifen.com is the new shop for Germany, Austria and Swizerland.

When it comes to tyres, rims, and accessories, with reifen.com you are in the right place. We are your experts, and have been for more than 30 years!

Behind the reifen.com brand is the German-based company reifencom GmbH and its reifen.com brand. Rubbex.com was launched to address our customers internationally in Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark.

About reifencom GmbH

reifencom GmbH is Germany's multi-channel specialist, with a wide range of tyres and wheels. In addition to the reifen.com online shop, there are 36 branches in Germany, and a total of 4,000 fitting partners for additional services. In addition to the countries mentioned above, reifencom GmbH is also active in Austria and Switzerland with a further shop and cooperating installation partners in each country.


reifencom GmbH procures branded tyres and rims from globally leading manufacturers. This ensures a consistently high level of quality. The range includes the following product categories, covering all price and quality segments:

  • Tyres: car, motorcycle, and lightweight lorry tyres
  • Tyres for electric vehicles
  • Vintage car tyres
  • Bicycle tyres and tubes
  • Rims
  • Complete wheels (pre-fitted tyres on aluminium rims or steel rims)
  • Select car accessories, such as motor oil and snow chains

Was macht uns aus


Perfectly functioning logistics has been a point of focus for us from the very beginning. This allows us to guarantee a high level of availability, even in peak times such as spring and autumn. This task is taken care of at our logistics centre in Hildesheim, built specifically for this purpose. There, more than 600,000 tyres and 200,000 rims await dispatch, stored in a space spanning 42,000 m².

Über Logistik


Our customer service staff can provide assistance both over the phone and via email. To this end, incoming messages or calls are forwarded to our "native speakers", depending on the language. A special department takes care of branch support. Excess calls, which cannot be taken in the branches, are automatically transferred to these specialist employees.

Über Kundenservice


Over the course of several years, the reifen.com shop has one various awards for its quality, security, expertise, and availability. In 2020, reifen.com made it onto the "TOP SHOPS" recommendation list compiled by COMPUTER BILD for the sixth time running, and was awarded first place within its sector in the "German'y Best Retailer" awards (Handelsblatt) for the third time in succession.

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