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reifencom has outsourced the management of its partnering garages to the company JYMEO, which offers digital solutions for mechanics.

With just a single registration on the dedicated fitting centres platform, you can become a partner garage of reifen.com, and of other online tyre sales sites.

This unique and free platform allows you to enter all your information (address, working hours, tariffs, periods of leave...) and to post this information on the main online tyre sales sites.

This represents a genuine opportunity with regards to your online visibility, but also a real time-saving, as you no longer have to enter your information on each partnering site.

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If you have already registered with JYMEO, log into your JYMEO space to verify and update your information or check your orders.

If you would like more information, we invite you to visit the JYMEO website: www.jymeo.com

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