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VEE bicycle tyres

VEE Tire bicycle tyres

In recent years, VEE Tire Co. has been attracting attention, in particular with its Fatbike tyres. The Thai tyre manufacturer has now made a name for itself as an OEM supplier for numerous bicycle manufacturers, such as S’COOL Juniorbikes, Kettler, Bulls, Pegasus, Commencal, Santa Cruz, Propain, and many more.

The VEE Tire Co., founded in 2013, is optimally positioned to meet cyclists' individual requirements. With more than forty years of experience in the manufacture of bicycle tyres, parent company, VEE Rubber Ltd, has a long-standing tradition and history.

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Thanks to the latest production technologies and its own in-house production, VEE Tire Co. offers tyres that are at the cutting edge of technology. The company is also able to respond immediately to market trends. The process from the development stage to a tyre being ready for supply is therefore relatively short. As such, VEE was the first provider of Fatbike tyres on teh market. In 2015, the pioneering spirit of VEE Tire Co. once again came to the fore, with the development of the first +Plus Size tyres.


MPC Compound

The most-used of all Vee Tire Co materials is the Multipurpose compound, as it was designed for use on all terrain. This enables good durability. With a hardness of 56 A, the lifespan of the tyre is extended.

DCC Compoud

With a hardness of 56 A at the centre, and a softer 48 A at the sides, the Dual Control Compound features two types of material, which gives these tyres fast roll resistance with exceptional cornering properties.

Silica Compound

The exceptional performance in colder conditions is apparent with the Silica Compound; a technology derived from the automotive and motorcycle industry. This soft material retains its low resistance and flexibility in all temperatures, with a rating of 57 A on the hardness scale.

Energetic Compound

The Energetic Compound was developed especially for cycling in the city. This compound is resistant to piercing, and has a hardness of 60 A. This enables exceptional roll resistance on both traditional and E-bikes, with a view to conserving either your energy, or that of your battery.

LSG Compound

The Low Specific Gravity Compound is incredibly light. It enables fast speeds, with a hardness of 66A, is constructed for BMX and racing, but is also great for road use.

B-Proof Casing

The B-Proof casing features a special material, which offers additional protection without increasing the weight. Almost identical to a fabric gasket, the casing is paper-thin, but adds extreme strength. This flexible protection is ideal for riding in all conditions, and prevents tears and punctures.

Synthesis Skinwall

This special fabric also offers tyre puncture and cut protection. Adapted to suit road tyre technology, Synthesis is lighter than the standard casing, improves performance, and has a highly aesthetic appearance.


Alongside the mentioned casings, there are also a wide range of different fabric thicknesses available. If their TPI number is higher, the tyre will have a thinner wall and will be more flexible. Tyres with thin walls are indeed more susceptible to punctures, however, in return they have reduced roll resistance and are lighter.

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