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EasyMode – rims without TÜV


Have all rims with just an ECE approval only shown quickly and conveniently.

In our complete wheel configurator, you can use the EasyMode to show rims and tyres that do no longer require a separate TÜV approval! The complete wheel can be mounted directly on your vehicle without further testing. You will not need to visit the TÜV in the future – the ECE approval for the rims ensures this.

EasyMode Komplettrad ohne TÜV Abnahme
EasyMode Komplettrad ohne TÜV Abnahme

Our experts for complete wheels

We will help you with any technical questions.

Due to our many years of experience in the field of rims, complete wheels and TPMSs, our specialist staff can answer all questions in a targeted and competent manner.Regular training courses ensure that our service staff are always up to date, which means that topics like "mixed tyres", for example, which are still fresh off the press, are not new territory for them. Make use of our trustworthy advice over the phone, especially if you have any questions during the purchase process or are unsure of anything. Otherwise, you can rest assured in our promise that every single order for complete wheels is checked individually by our experts to ensure it is correct.

Tips when looking for rims

Our rim prices include the rim and any fastening material that may be required.

If you decide to purchase complete wheels further on in the ordering process, please note the following: our complete wheel prices include the rim, tyre and valve, the mounting of the tyre on the rim, the balancing and any fastening material that is needed. Each complete wheel is custom-assembled for you, and our complete wheels are assembled without a tyre pressure control sensor as standard.

Please note that as of 1st November 2014, all vehicles newly registered in the EU (cars, off-road vehicles and mobile homes that are being registered for the first time) must have a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If your vehicle has an active TPMS with tyre pressure monitoring sensors, you can order TPK sensors from the brands Italmatic or CUB from us as additional equipment for certain vehicle models. If we can offer you this option, it will be shown to you during the ordering process. We will install and programme any TPMS sensors that you have ordered in the complete wheel, and you will need to activate them upon receipt of the vehicle.

If you have any questions about TPMSs, our knowledgable customer service advisors are at your disposal: 0511 – 123 210 10.

totop Telephone consultation Telephone consultation Our free advice is available to you: +49 511 12321010