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Bodenseestraße 275 81249 München Deutschland Phone: 089 8914650 Fax: 089 89146516 Email: muenchen-west@reifen.com

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Monday to Friday:


  • reifen.com-branch in Munich Aubing
  • reifen.com-branch in Munich Aubing
  • Mounting tyres

Tyre service reifen.com in Munich-Aubing

The reifen.com branch in Munich-Aubing can already look back to an anniversary; after all we have been at this place for over ten years now. Two salespersons are available for a competent consultation in our sales rooms in case of questions and wishes. Here you also find our rim exhibition in which we present 80 rims to you. For the fitting of rims and tyres we exclusively employ trained staff who constantly undergo further training and are trained internally. Three fitters, each of them with training as a motor mechanic or vulcanizer, are employed on a regular basis at our place. During the peak season we use up to four further fitters to keep the waiting times for our customers as short as possible.

The range of services of your tyre trader

Consultation, sale and fitting – in the tyre trade these three factors belong together. If you would like to look around to get informed about new tyres and rims, you can refer to our competent sales personnel. We concentrate on the tyre fitting and the mounting and dismounting of complete wheels in our workshop with three lifting platforms and a platform for wheel alignment. All in all we offer the following services:

  • Passenger car rims up to 24 inch

  • Motorcycle rims up to 21 inch

  • Wheel alignment

  • Storage

  • Hub cleaning

  • Tyre gas

  • Tyre registration

  • Tyre sale

If a tyre registration becomes necessary for your vehicle, we strongly cooperate with the TÜV (German MOT) for this. The inspectors come to our branch directly after arranging an appointment and make the registration on site.

How you can find reifen.com in Munich:

Bodenseestraße is in Munich-Aubing and is also known as federal highway B2. Our branch is in close proximity to METRO and the subway station Munich-Freiham. If you pass the station, you are almost at our place. By the way, you do not need to worry about lacking parking spaces in our branch. We offer numerous parking possibilities as well as underground parking on our area. You can use this too, of course, if you only wish consultation first. Or you just make an appointment for the tyre fitting on your passenger car or motorcycle.

We further have a branch at Ingolstädter Straße in Munich Milbertshofen Am Hart.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Your team of the reifen.com branch in Munich

Our Overview of services

Prices for services

All fitting prices are understood to be per tyre including balancing, rubber valve, as well as tyre mounting and dismounting.
Please note: When fitting with TPMS (mounting sensor, programming the sensor, training the sensor, function control) further costs arise.
Please request these directly at the branch. All discount packages are already valid when buying 2 tyres!

Tyre onto steel rim

Passenger car steel rim up to 13" 14.64 €
Passenger car steel rim 14" 15.14 €
Passenger car steel rim 15" 15.68 €
Passenger car steel rim from 16" 17.68 €

Tyre onto aluminium rim

Passenger car aluminium rim up to 15" 18.68 €
Passenger car aluminium rim 16" and 17" 20.93 €
Passenger car aluminium rim 18" 24.94 €
Passenger car aluminium rim 19" and 20" 28.43 €
Passenger car aluminium rim from 21" 31.99 €

Off-road tyres

Off-road steel rim 27.93 €
Off-road aluminium rim 29.43 €

Mobile home and light trucks

Mobile home 27.68 €
Mobile home/light trucks 25.43 €


Additional price per run-flat tyre 5.50 €

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS during tyre fitting for TMPS installation, programming, training, test upon request

All prices for the tyre change are to be understood as per tyre.
Please note: When fitting with TPMS (training and function control of the sensor) further costs arise. Please request these directly at the branch.

Tyre change light truck 11.90 €
Tyre change off road - SUV 11.90 €
Tyre change sports car 10.99 €
Tyre change mobile home 11.90 €

All prices for the tyre change are to be understood as per tyre.

Tyre change on the dismounted tyre from 16.45 €
Old tyre disposal motorcycle 4.99 €

Wheel storage

Wheel storage, per set (4 pieces) and for each month commenced:

Passenger car wheels up to 17" 9.25 €
Passenger car wheels from 18" 10.75 €

Old tyre disposal (per tyre)

Tyres up to 17 inch 4.99 €
Tyres from 18 inch 4.99 €
Old tyre disposal motorcycle 4.99 €


Axle alignment from 29.99 €
Tyre gas 2.95 €
Wheel hub cleaning 2.95 €

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS during tyre fitting for TMPS installation, programming, training, test upon request
TPMS during tyre fitting for TMPS training and test upon request




Financing information

The payment of the goods can be made by one of the following accepted means of payment: cash, EC card, credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), payment pause* or financing. reifencom GmbH reserves the right to exclude certain payment methods in individual cases.

Please note: We only offer the payment method payment pause to private customers with residence in the Federal Republic of Germany and up to a total order value of 1.000,00 EUR!

If you choose the payment method "payment pause", reifencom GmbH will call up the address and creditworthiness data stored in the databases of your person, including those determined on the basis of mathematical-statistical methods (scoring), from the following credit agencies to check your creditworthiness:

Address and creditworthiness data (scoring) are requested from
  • Creditreform Boniversum GmbH, Hellersbergstr. 11, 41460 Neuss

  • Commercial customers and resellers may also pay against invoice following a successful credit assessment.

    * Please note: If you choose the payment method payment pause, additional costs will arise. These additional costs are calculated as follows:

    Payment target 7 days = no financing fee
    Payment target 30 days = 1% financing fee
    Payment target 60 days = 2% financing fee
    Payment target 90 days = 3% financing fee


    The search is carried out using the map service Google Maps. You can find more information in our privacy policy.


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