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Renes Zweirad Werkstatt

Am Rollfeld 1 24852 Eggebek Phone: 0172 5958291 Mobil: 0172 5958291

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Renes Zweirad Werkstatt

Maximum mountable rim size: Car: 17 Inch
Motorcycle: 25 Inch
Dismounting and mounting of motorcycle tyres: Yes

Prices for services

Tyre fitting

All installation prices are per wheel, including balancing, valve and wheel removal and installation.
Please note: When fitting with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System sensors (sensor installation, sensor programming, sensor training, function control) further costs arise.

Note: The fitting partners are responsible for the maintenance and correctness of the content, including the prices for fitting services.

Tyre onto steel rim

Passenger car steel rim up to 13" 17.50 €
Passenger car steel rim 14" 17.50 €
Passenger car steel rim 15" 17.50 €
Passenger car steel rim from 16" 17.50 €

Tyre onto aluminium rim

Passenger car aluminium rim up to 15" 17.50 €
Passenger car aluminium rim 16" and 17" 17.50 €


All prices for the tyre change are to be understood as per tyre.

Tyre change on the dismounted tyre from 10.25 €
Tyre dismounting and mounting from 17.50 €
Old motorcycle tyres disposal 2.50 €

Old tyre disposal (per tyre)

Old motorcycle tyres disposal 2.50 €


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