About reifen.com

Our success is the result of our super-low prices and top service

With over 600,000 customers per year and currently 37 branches, reifen.com is a leading company in the tyre service industry. reifen.com is one of the top players in the online tyre business in Germany. The company's philosophy: First-class products and services for the automobile tyre industry, from rims to profiles – and all of this at especially low prices!

High quality and availability

reifen.com procures brand-name tyres and rims from leading manufacturers. This ensures a consistently high level of quality. Our selection includes all conventional car tyre sizes in all price and quality segments.

Perfect logistics

Our focus has always been on a perfectly functioning logistics system, which ensures that we are able to guarantee a high degree of availability, even during busy periods like spring and autumn.

reifencom Hildesheim

Top prices

An important advantage for customers of reifen.com is that our company exclusively concentrates on providing only tyres and rims products. This concentration on our actual core competencies means: the highest degree of professionalism, state-of-the-art installation and wheel balancing technology, and trained technical staff who are available daily for up to ten hours, depending on the season. And all of this for the best prices!


Tyre and rim installations may be carried out immediately and without prior arrangement, i.e. customers may arrive at any time to receive service. Customers also have the option to leave their vehicle with us and then pick it up again after installation has been executed, e.g. after work. Our services include:

  • Car tyre installation on steel rims

  • Car tyre installation on aluminium rims

  • Disposal of old tyres

  • Nitrogen inflation for tyres: Recommended for any vehicle!
    Advantages: optimal driving experience, better driving comfort, increased driver safety, decreased tyre wear-and-tear, decreased fuel consumption, and constant air pressure.

  • Axle alignment : absolutely recommended for any vehicle in case of uneven wear. Advantages: decreased fuel consumption and increased driving safety.

  • Technical inspection agency (TÜV) entry

  • Wheel storage

  • Low prices - up to 25% cheaper than our competitors

  • We'll procure tyres for you that aren't in stock as quickly as possible.

Data & facts

reifen.com - a merger of two separate companies – reifencom GmbH (Bielefeld) and reifencom GmbH (Hannover) – was created by the entrepreneurs Heiko Knigge and Olaf Sockel to establish a company with a balanced success that is visible even in times of a weaker economy.