Public registrable particulars

The German Data Protection Act (BDSG) stipulates in § 4g that the data protection officer shall make the following data available to anyone in a suitable manner in accordance with § 4e:

1. Name of the responsible party:

reifencom GmbH

2. Personally liable:

reifencom GmbH

Represented by:

Michael Härle, Ralf Strelen

Appointed representative for secure data processing:

Stephan Schmidbauer

3. Address of responsible party:

Südfeldstr. 16
30453 Hannover

4. Specific function of data collection, processing, and/or usage:

The objective of the company is the sales and distribution of tyres, aluminium rims, steel rims, complete wheels, and services of all kinds, retail within the scope of regulatory approvals and the serial production of items included in these offers, excluding manual production processes.

Data collection, processing, transmission, and use ocurrs within the scope of the previously mentioned purposes.

5. Description of personal groups affected and of data and data categories in relation to this:

Customer data, employee data, and data concerning suppliers and business partners, provided this is required for fulfilment of the purposes indicated by item 4.

We would be pleased to inform, upon request, regarding the processes used to store your data and which data is actually involved.

6.Recipients or categories of recipients who may receive this data:

Public bodies in the presence of appropriate legal regulations, external service providers according to § 11 BDSG, and external positions and internal reifencom GmbH departments required for fulfilment of the goals stated under 4.

Within the scope of these data protection policies or upon submission of the corresponding approval, customer data regarding address and credit checks (scoring) may be sent to other companies for processing.

7. Standard periods for the deletion of data:

Various duties to preserve records and storage periods are required by law. After the expiry of these periods, any corresponding data is routinely deleted. Provided data is not affected by this it shall be deleted, as long as the purposes stated under 4. are omitted.

8. Planned transfer of data to third countries:

Data transfer to third countries is not planned.

reifencom GmbH

Data Protection Officer