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Pink bicycle tyres

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3 matching results

  • Kenda 50 406 Krackpot K 907 20x195 Drahtreifen Pink 15328549
    Bicycle tyres
    50-406, K-907 Krackpot, TPI 22, Clincher tyre, pink
    20 inch
    Folding tyre
    38.45 €
  • Kenda 40 622 Khan K 935 28x150 Drahtreifen Pink 15244572
    Bicycle tyres
    40-622 Khan K-935 700x38C pink Reflex
    28 inch
    Folding tyre
    41.89 €
  • Kenda 26 622 Kontender K 196 700x26C 28x100 Drahtreifen Pink 15244593
    Bicycle tyres
    26-622 Kontender K-196 700x26C 60TPI pink
    28 inch
    Folding tyre
    43.73 €

In simple terms, bicycle tyres are a rubber hoop mounted onto a rim, which represents the only part of the bike that comes into contact with the ground. However, anyone who looks into bicycle tyres in a little more detail will quickly notice that there are a wide range of different types. Alongside features such as the tyre tread, the tyre type, or the tyre size, in recent years the colour of the tyres has played an increasingly significant role among cycling enthusiasts.

In addition to traditional black bicycle tyres, there is now a large selection of coloured tyres available. Here you will find a selection in white

Properties of the colour pink

Of all colours, pink is the one with the strongest effect on the human psyche. It enhances all positive feelings and soothes aggression and violence. The colour is seen, first and foremost, as friendly, romantic, tender, charming, sweet, and sensitive. Pink conveys security, helps combat anxiety, and stabilises the emotions. Furthermore, it is said to counteract stress, provide stability, and have a calming effect. The colour is particularly striking on account of its radiant luminosity. Pink consists of the colours red and white, whereby red is the dominant colour.

Say goodbye to everyday stress

Many people pursue certain activities after work in order to leave everyday stress behind and restore balance. Cycling is one of these activities. Imagine lifting your bike out from your garage or basement, and setting your eyes on your new pink bicycle tyres. Thanks to the calming and stress-reducing effect of the colour, you can switch off a little before you even start your ride, and concentrate fully on your hobby.

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