Apollo 225/45 R17 94V Aspire XP Winter XL 3PMSF
Apollo 225/45 R17 94V Aspire XP Winter XL 3PMSF
Apollo 225/45 R17 94V Aspire XP Winter XL 3PMSF

The tyres will be delivered without rim. (Tread pattern varies depending on the tyre width.)


225/45 R17 94V Aspire XP Winter XL 3PMSF  

winter tyres

E B 72
Tyre properties:
Aspire XP Winter XL 3PMSF
225/45 R17 94 V TL
Speed index:
V up to 240 km/h 
Load index:
Winter tyres 
Special Features:

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(Purchase online and have it delivered to desired address)

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Focussing on superb snow handling and wet performance, the Aspire XP Winter offers great safety for your car at low temperatures. Thanks to its multi-directional groove and sipe design and its durable construction, the Aspire XP Winter combines a long lifespan with great driving pleasure.

Snow handling:
- Lateral sipes in the shoulder benefit traction when accelerating or braking
- Carefully tuned compound developed to perform at low temperatures
- Multi-directional sipes and grooves in the center benefit handling

Wet performance:
- Excellent water evacuation results in high acquaplaning performance
- Open grooves in the shoulder ensure water dispersion while cornering

Long life:
- Wear resistant polymers used in the tread compound
- Durable sidewall- and inner construction

Garantie PLUS

Apollo tyre warrantee

The Apollo tyre warrantee is valid for 2 years starting on the purchase date up to a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. The warranty includes all Apollo passenger car, SUV, light truck and 4x4 tyres with a purchase date from 01.09.2016 onwards.

The following are covered:
- Tyre damages due to accident
- Collision damages e.g. dent due to hitting a curb
- Irreparable tyre damages e.g. running in a screw or nail

Excluded are:
- Wilful damage of the tyre
- Improper use e.g. in case of driving when pressure is too low or in case the load is too high
- Irregular use of the tyre e.g. by driving on a racetrack
- Uneven profile due to a wrong setting of the axle geometry or faulty fitting of the tyres
- Reimbursement of other follow-up costs like fitting, towing costs, material damages or personal injuries

Our services:
- In case of wear of up to 51% of the profile your Apollo tyres are replaced for free
- In case of wear from 50% up to 1.6 mm you get a 50% discount on an Apollo tyre

Download of the warranty card

Apollo – Winner of Technology Awards

The "Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence" is awarded each year as part of the Tire Technology Expo taking place in Germany.

The jury consists of an expert body from the tyre industry and awards this price to the company which has shown special achievement in the area of innovation and technology development.

Apollo Tyres has already received the reward as the best tyre manufacturer of the year twice (2013 and 2015).
E B 72 2 C1

Tyre labelling

Starting on November 1st, 2012 the new European Tyre Labelling Regulation EU/1222/2009, short EU Tyre Label, applies. This regulation applies for all newly produced tyres from CW27/2012. The EU Tyre Label informs about the criteria fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise, and is binding for all tyres of cars, light trucks, and trucks (C1, C2 and C3) across the EU member states. The aim of the EU Tyre Label is to increase the safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency of road transport by promoting fuel-efficient and safe tyres with low noise levels. Next to the EU Tyre Label you should continue to include relevant tyre tests as an important factor in your buying decision, as the new EU Tyre Label only tests three important criteria. This means that for instance neither the driveability of summer tyres on a dry road nor the grip on snow of winter tyres is tested.

The three criteria and valuation classes

E C1

Fuel Efficiency

The categorisation of fuel efficiency is made on a scale of seven classes: from A (greatest efficiency) to G (lowest efficiency), whereby class D is not used. An improvement from one class to the next more efficient class means an approximant saving of 0,1 l fuel per 100 km.


Wet Grip

The wet grip is subdivided into the classes A (shortest breaking distance) to G (longest breaking distance), whereby classes D and G are not used. When going 80km/h on a wet road, the difference in the breaking distance between adjacent categories (from one class to the following better class) is between 1 and 2 car lengths (3-6m).

2 72 C1

External Rolling Noise

The noise emission of a tyre has an effect on the total noise level of the vehicle and does not only influence one’s own riding comfort, but also the noise pollution of the environment. In the EU Tyre Label the external rolling noise is divided into three categories, measured in decibel (dB) and compared with the European noise emission limits for external rolling noises of tyres. The general rule hereby is: The fewer black lines there are, the lower the external rolling noise as measured according to the EU limit.

tested in 225/45 R17 94 V Auto Bild 39/2019

Test result: exemplary (Eco Master)
Inexpensive winter tyre with balanced performance, stable wet and dry handling, short braking distances on snow and wet road, good aquaplaning reserves, best price-performance-ratio.

Overall Score
Driving comfort
Interior noise
Braking performance
Wet traction characteristics
User rating in detail
  • Klaus S.

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