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Hansestraße 30 38112 Braunschweig Deutschland Phone: 0531 311055 Fax: 0531 312810 Email: braunschweig@reifen.com

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  • reifen.com-branch in Braunschweig

The reifencom GmbH in Brunswick

We have our own reifen.com branch in Brunswick and offer first class tyre service. We have been at Hansestr. for over 20 years. In this branch you can find a sales room with an area of about 150 square meters. We show rims, tyres and care products in our showroom and are happy to consult you in case of interest in new rims or tyres for your vehicle. Outside of our sales room we have three lifting platforms and a machine for axle alignment. Furthermore you can store tyres at our place. We currently have 1,000 storage places.

Our tyre service in Brunswick

The core service of our tyre trade in Brunswick is tyre change.
Additionally we offer further services such as:

  • Tyre mounting

  • Storage

  • Axle alignment

  • Hub cleaning

  • Tyre mounting passenger car up to max. 24 inch

  • Tyre mounting motorcycle up to max. 21 inch

We do not sorely change passenger care tyres in our reifen.com branch. Our five fitters are experienced mechanics and also fit new tyres onto your motorcycle. Of course our sellers inform you about possibilities to protect your tyres. If you wish to purchase new rims or winter tyres, you can refer to our financing offers. A further offer which is a fixed part of our tyre service is filling the tyres with tyre gas.

That is how you get to reifencom GmbH

Our branch at Hansestraße distinguishes itself through very friendly, competent and fast service and good availability. In the east we are in good company. If you want to bridge the short waiting time, you can go to the furnishing markets for example. Further you can reach us via public transportation or with your own passenger car: With the car you can drive from autobahn A2 onto A391 and exit the autobahn at the cross Brunswick North. From there you can get to Hansestraße without problems. If you come from Wendeburg, you can stick to the federal highway B214 until you get to Brunswick west bypass. From there you can get to the exit Brunswick-Hansestraße without problems.
With public transportation you reach to us by bus 484 and can get off at Adam-Opel-Straße.

Arrange an appointment with our tyre trade today and get consultation from our staff on site.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Your team of the reifen.com branch in Brunswick

Our Overview of services

Prices for services

All fitting prices are understood to be per tyre including balancing, rubber valve, as well as tyre mounting and dismounting.
Please note: When fitting with TPMS (mounting sensor, programming the sensor, training the sensor, function control) further costs arise.
Please request these directly at the branch.

Tyre onto steel rim

Passenger car steel rim up to 13" 13.94 €
Passenger car steel rim 14" 14.44 €
Passenger car steel rim 15" 14.99 €
Passenger car steel rim from 16" 16.99 €

Tyre onto aluminium rim

Passenger car aluminium rim up to 15" 17.99 €
Passenger car aluminium rim 16" and 17" 20.24 €
Passenger car aluminium rim from 18" 23.74 €
Passenger car aluminium rim from 19" 27.24 €

Off-road tyres

Off-road steel rim 27.44 €
Off-road aluminium rim 28.94 €

Mobile home and light trucks

Mobile home 27.19 €
Mobile home/light trucks 22.94 €


Additional price per run-flat tyre 5.50 €


<h4>Gold - Paket: 30% Rabatt</h4><p>Altreifenentsorgung, Reifengas, Radnabenreinigung und Reifen-Schutz</p>
<h4>Silber - Paket: 25% Rabatt</h4><p>Altreifenentsorgung, Reifengas und Radnabenreinigung</p>
<h4>Bronze - Paket: 20% Rabatt</h4><p>Altreifenentsorgung und Reifengas</p>

All prices for the tyre change are to be understood as per tyre.
Please note: When fitting with TPMS (training and function control of the sensor) further costs arise. Please request these directly at the branch.

Tyre change passenger car up to 15" 6.50 €
Tyre change passenger car up to 16" 6.95 €
Tyre change light truck 8.95 €
Tyre change off road - SUV 8.95 €
Tyre change sports car 8.95 €
Tyre change mobile home 8.95 €

All prices for the tyre change are to be understood as per tyre.

Tyre change on the dismounted tyre from 15.99 €
Old tyre disposal motorcycle 2.75 €

Wheel storage

Wheel storage including tyre cleaning, per set (4 pieces) and for each month commenced:

Passenger car wheels up to 17" 9.25 €
Passenger car wheels from 18" 10.75 €

Wheel storage including tyre cleaning, per season and set (4 pieces) in the tyre hotel:

Passenger car wheels up to 17" 55.50 €
Passenger car wheels from 18" 64.50 €

Old tyre disposal (per tyre)

Tyres up to 17 inch 2.99 €
Tyres from 18 inch 3.49 €
Old tyre disposal motorcycle 2.75 €


Axle alignment from 24.90 €
Tyre gas 2.95 €
Wheel hub cleaning 2.95 €
Tyre protection up to 17 inch 2.75 €
Tyre protection from 18 inch 3.95 €

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS during tyre fitting for TMPS installation, programming, training, testupon request
TPMS during tyre fitting for TMPS training and testupon request


Financing information

*Payment against invoice is only available to customers resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, and up to a total order value of 1,000.00 EUR!

Commercial customers and resellers may also pay against invoice following a successful credit assessment.

reifencom GmbH shall inquire at the following credit agencies regarding information stored in their database about your personal address and creditworthiness, including information produced based on mathematical-statistical processes (scoring).

Adress and Creditworthiness (scoring) may be requested from:
  • Creditreform Boniversum GmbH, Hellersbergstr. 11, 41460 Neuss

  • The financing fee shall be calculated as follows:

    Payment target 7 days = no financing fee
    Payment target 30 days = 1% financing fee
    Payment target 60 days = 2% financing fee
    Payment target 90 days = 3% financing fee



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