Information about waste oil disposal:

According to § 8 paragraph 1 a Waste Oil Regulation, we are obliged to take back waste engine oils or gear oils (“waste oil”) for free up to the amount of the fresh oil bought at our place according to your invoice. We hereby inform you that we can take random samples when we take back the waste oil, as only single-origin waste oil can be used for the recycling but not waste oil that is contaminated though admixture with other liquids such as cooling liquids or similar. Contaminated waste oil needs to be disposed as hazardous waste. Therefore absolutely pay attention not to mix waste oil with other waste. The return of the waste combustion engine oils or gear oils (waste oil) is free up to the amount of the fresh oil bought at our place at the following place:

Handelsstr. 7
27374 Visselhövede

Opening hours:
Mon. to Fri. 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Sat. closed

You register a waste oil disposal by giving your order number via the email address Please keep in mind that a disposal of products purchased via our online shop is currently not possible via our branches. We then arrange the delivery of an environmental packaging into which you can put the canister with waste oil in a way that a leak of the waste oil can be excluded. The environmental packaging needs to be put into a carton.

Subsequently send us a notice to so that we can send you a return label for the return of the packaged goods via email. Optionally you always have the possibility to give your waste oil to public waste oil collectors, which are usually made available by communities (e.g. at recycling centres), at their conditions. The information can be correspondingly applied to regularly occurring oily waste during the oil change.

Please keep in mind that waste oil cannot be brought to our branches or the plants of our fitting partners when new oil is purchased via our online shop.